Monday, October 6, 2014

The Gates are Open!!!!

Yes the Gates are Open and we are able to travel as soon as we have the funds. A long journey is coming to the most exciting part of our journey. Our little ones were in the war zone part of the country so we have not been able to travel until now. They have been evacuated to a safe region so today we found out we can go!!!! We have stood on Faith Believing for this day and Our Father has made a way through what looked like through man's eyes to be impossible. He has shown us this is His plan and His timing and He is faithful. So now we need to raise the rest if the funds so we can travel. The team wants me to leave Sat. I will be traveling alone. There is a lot still to be worked out with getting our children home. It truly is a miracle that's not over. Please continue to Pray as details and policys are worked out. Pray for our funds to come quickly without delay. Thank you so much to everyone that is helping us.

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  1. Any updates??? I keep checking back. Reece's rainbow says you are home. I hope things are going well and the two newest ones are getting adjusted to having a family. God bless!